San Francisco Time-Lapse Video Captures The City At Its Best (VIDEO)

WATCH: Two Minutes Of Indulgent San Francisco Porn

Readers, it's no secret that we love indulging you with San Francisco porn.

Golden Gate Bridge porn, America's Cup porn, Fleet Week porn, hipster porn, baby animal porn. If it's San Francisco and it's spectacular to look at, we'll unabashedly serve you helping after hearty helping on our pixellated platter.

Are you sick of it yet? Of course not. So here's another deliciously Fog City video for you to feast your eyes on.


YouTube user and avid photographer Jeremy Williams shot 30,000 photographs over ten months of, as he put it, "everything I love about San Francisco."

The result is a gorgeous time-lapse portrait of our glorious 49 square miles, featuring everything from the inevitable expansive bay views to foot traffic in Union Square, the claw of Sutro Tower in the fog, our majestic City Hall, the Muni, the hills, the museums, the greenery, the Giants. All set to the soothing melodies of The xx (catch them at Treasure Island this weekend!).

Take two minutes out of your day to stare at Williams' homage to the best place on earth below. San Francisco, you're gorgeous, darling.

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