San Francisco's Best Buffalo Wings For Super Bowl Weekend (PHOTOS)

As the 49ers prepare to throw down this weekend, San Franciscans are ready to eat up. We're here to help.

Our friends over at GrubHub rounded up the top spots to order wings throughout the city. And from boneless to buffalo, the Fog City means business when it comes to chicken.

Americans are expected to consume 1.2 billion wings over Super Bowl Weekend. But don't count those chickens too quickly-snackers will face a major shortage in the wing department, chowing down on 12.3 million less chicken wings than last year.

The poultry deficit is a result of last summer's drought, which drove up feed prices and made it difficult for farmers to care for chickens. That's one more reason to stock your Super Bowl Bash with vegetarians and timid eaters.

Don't be caught wingless! Check out our list of the most popular spots to get your fix below:

SF's Most Popular Buffalo Wings
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