This Suburban Yard Gives A Whole New Meaning To Beach House

This is either the best attempt to get dad to stop freaking out over the lawn mower, or the best strategy to attract every cat in the neighborhood.

Either way, Kansas City resident Georgianna Reid has a beach house in the middle of suburbia, because she replaced her green lawn with sand. Eighty tons of sand.

beach house

Reid decided she was fed up with mowing the yard, so she erected a low fence around the perimeter, filled 'er up with sand and pulled out the beach chairs, KCTV reports. The job only cost her $4,000, according to Gawker.

"Now being over 60, I've decided that I've owned the house for 33 years and that I wasn't going to mow anymore or water," she told the station.

The "sandbox," as neighbors call it, is getting mixed reviews. Some jealous jerks have filed complaints with the city, while others decided to steal Reid's volleyball net, lawn ornaments and a life-sized chest. Reid posted a sign in the yard offering $2,000 for the return of the stolen items.

"I think the house looks revolting with all that is out there," neighbor Edwin Bisby said. "I'm sure it's going to hurt the property values in this neighborhood."

City inspectors were called to the home, but couldn't find any landscaping violations, UPI reports.

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