Sanders Campaign Poised to Win Big in Coming Months

This past Tuesday, March 15th, was, without a doubt, a tremendous day for Hillary Clinton. By both wide and narrow margins, she performed a political clean-sweep of the five states up for grabs on Super Tuesday part deux. As I'm sure you've heard ad nauseam from the mainstream punditry, Hillary's delegate lead is now "insurmountable" or "almost impossible to overcome," begging the question why that old, democratic socialist won't just get out of the race and save their heiress-apparent a little headache? They want the grassroots progressive movement led by Bernie Sanders to abandon its demands for change and "unify" under the establishment banner ASAP, since it's so obvious who's going to win, right? They would have you believe the primaries are all but over and attentions should be turned to the quadrennial Blue vs. Red general election showdown. They are lying to you.

The mainstream media networks have a vested interest in the outcome of this year's democratic primary nomination, as is evident by the amount of coverage they are giving Clinton's current lead, only half-way through the primary process. The un-pledged delegates, so-called "super delegates" made up of democratic party elites, are unsurprisingly flocking to one of their own with their promised votes. The pundits nonchalantly add these super delegate "promises" to her pledged delegate totals in a big onscreen graph to visually inflate her lead even further. There are two main reasons for this flagrant bias and lack of journalistic integrity. The foremost reason is most of that big, juicy pile of Clinton superPAC dark money we've heard about has been earmarked for advertising expenditures during the general election. So the network executives, with dollar signs in their eyes, are getting restless for the primaries to be over already. The second reason is they know what's coming next for their status quo candidate, so they'd better celebrate her inevitability while they still can.

I explain in a recent article, "Sanders Is Winning Blue States, Clinton Red", that the majority of the Clinton campaign's victories to date have been in states that historically vote republican in the general election. The southern wins, therefor, do not necessarily mean she is more electable since she would lose those states to a Republican. With Florida and North Carolina this past Tuesday, the southern states have cast their final votes this primary season, now the contests move to historically blue states in the north and west, aka Bernie Country. Get used to hearing Bernie's name being called on primary and caucus nights for the next three months, as primary polling shows 21 of the final 25 states are expected to go to the progressive senator by wide margins. The voters in the remaining states must already know what the talking heads are afraid to tell us: be prepared for the Big Bernie Bounce!

Starting this upcoming Tuesday, March 22nd in Idaho, Arizona and Utah, Bernie will likely begin a streak of more than a dozen primary and caucus victories. His polling numbers will continue to rise as more people learn about his policies and his career fighting for social and economic justice. If the fourth estate covers the coming months accurately, which is certainly not a given, then more and more people are going to hear Bernie's message and realize they have a clear choice between a truly "greater-good" and yet another "lesser-evil." Independents, who make up nearly half of all eligible voters, overwhelmingly support Sen. Sanders over Clinton, which directly relates to electability. Bernie also beats Donald Trump by a much wider margin than Hillary in nearly all hypothetical general election polling, another sign of his superior electability. With the added exposure he'll garner from upcoming victories, it's only a matter of time before the great United States electorate stirs from its slumber, dreaming fondly of a white-haired revolutionary with a Brooklyn accent coming to save our democracy.

Unfortunately for the corporate media elites, the people are beginning to wake up. The people are beginning to see through the lies and talking points meant to dissuade their enthusiasm for a once-in-a-lifetime progressive candidate. Bernie is calling for the working-class and middle-class of this country to rise up and demand that our government works for all our people and not those who would see it turned into oligarchy; to join in the grassroots movement to rest control away from the political establishment and the moneyed interests they serve. This will be a progressive political revolution unseen since FDR's New Deal, with many similar lasting societal benefits. Once the super delegates see the tide of populism rolling toward this summer's convention, the will of the primary voters shall force them to ride the wave or have it break their party asunder. Hillary's current "insurmountable" lead will erode before our very eyes, followed by her super delegate support and eventually her media support as many more millions of people begin to Feel The Bern.