Sanders Can Still Win the Nomination Fair and Square


In 2008, Hillary Clinton defeated then-Senator Obama by over 40 points in the West Virginia primary. But in 2016, it was Bernie Sanders who won big over Clinton.

While Clinton still leads in both pledged delegates and the popular vote, she has not been able to mathematically eliminate the popular Senator from Vermont.

Prior to winning West Virginia, Sanders needed about 66 percent of the remaining pledged delegates in order to surpass Clinton in the pledged delegate category.

The odds are slim, but if Sanders can close the delegate gap with big wins in California, Oregon and New Jersey, he could successfully make the argument that super delegates should transfer their support over to him.

Can Sanders defy the odds and predictions and catch Clinton in pledged delegates? And even if he does, will the super delegates switch sides, as they did in 2008?

What do you think?


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