Sen. Sanders Should Refute His Support for Corporate Opposition to a Sugary Beverage Tax

I'm disappointed Sen. Sanders would ignore the interests of thousands of low-income -- predominately minority children -- and side with greedy beverage corporations who have spent millions in advertising for decades to target low income minority communities.

Similar to the tobacco and alcohol advertising campaigns of old, the sugary beverage industry has long targeted low income minority communities. It's time they started giving back to the communities they have reaped million in profits from for decades.

Let me make this very clear. My proposed sugary beverage tax is a corporate tax -- plain and simple. It is immoral and completely hypocritical for these vested corporate interests to pass this tax on to the very people they have profited from for decades.

I would urge Sen. Sanders to set his personal political interests aside and join those of us who are willing to stand up to the corporate interests and advocate for equal pre-K educational opportunities for all of children.