Sandra Bernhard at Guild Hall: Feel the Bernhard

Funny woman Sandra Bernhard joins this week's list of funny women performing at Guild Hall. There was Kathy Griffin, and if you count the many personae of Charles Busch, this Friday night makes the third for her show titled, "Feel the Bernhard." A few days before, Sandy interrupted her viewing of Venus Williams' tennis match at Wimbleton--"She's winning!" -to talk about what she's bringing to the stage at the beach.

I saw you last at Joe's Pub for your New Year's show. How will the Guild Hall show differ?

It's the same show. I write a new one every year and then travel it around for different venues.

I especially loved your stories with Michele Lee as sidekick. Does she know you shape material around your antics together?

Oh yes. She's brilliant.

But you have a new title, "Feel the Bernhard." Does that mean you will talk politics?

I learned from my radio show, "Sandyland," you have to come up with good titles and outdo yourself. Bernie is fading out, and for the record, I am a Hillary supporter. There won't be political jokes because I am bored with politics. It's not easy to make it fun and bouncy and fresh. It's a whole other animal of writing, and I write my own material. So it is most likely that I will not mention Mr. Trump. How much can you say that isn't obvious? What sentient person is for Trump?

Many think that after Brexit, a triumphant Trump will follow. Do fear that?

For Brexit, people were totally ill informed, had a knee jerk reaction to something and now they are paying for it, even the people who were for it. People may not read as comprehensively as they should, so that is a fear.

Last time we spoke you were just starting up "Sandyland," your daily radio show on SiriusXM. How is it going?

It's going well. I didn't think I would like it that much, but I am loving it. I have great guests, downtown people as well as world famous artists. I had Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. Today is Bebe Neuwirth. I get to curate myself, keeping it fresh and exciting and spontaneous. I go in with a free wheeling opening, with great music that I choose. I talk about things that are important to me, like the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. I had Jane and Lily on separately. The great thing is I get to talk about what's new; I get to where they are at, not just their Netflix series; it's a more compelling conversation.

I always love your fashion sense. What will you be wearing at Guild Hall?

Last minute whims take over. I will choose between a great jumpsuit from Tome, and a pretty, floral Marc Jacobs dress, different from the long one I wore for a Marc Jacobs spread in the May issue of Vogue.

So is modeling on your resume?

Modeling is the wrong word. I am tall, and have that, but really it is because I am in the public eye, and interesting for that.

What's on your desk right now?

My diary, pictures, phone, stack of things to do, but not my work in progress like the television project I am developing with a friend. That's in my computer--or in my head.

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