Sandra Bernhard Turned Down 'Sex And The City' Role Due To 'Terrible' Script And Low Paycheck

Sandra Bernhard Sounds Off On Turning Down 'Sex And The City' Role

Few television series go on to achieve the international success of "Sex and the City," but one outspoken actress insists she has no regrets about turning down the chance to play one of the now-iconic characters.

In a new interview with Howard Stern, comedian Sandra Bernhard revealed she was originally offered the role of Miranda Hobbes, but opted out due to the "terrible" original script and low paycheck.

"It has nothing to do with selling out, it just wasn't any good," Bernhard explained, before going on to note, "Had it been a good script, had I thought it had legs, I would have done it...even Cynthia Nixon [who eventually landed the role] admits it didn't catch on until second or third season."

Never one to mince words, Bernhard also took the opportunity to diss the show's star Sarah Jessica Parker, who also served as executive producer. "[I would have had] to play third or fourth fiddle to Sarah Jessica Parker and put up with her s**t," she hissed. "It would have been hideous to work with her." When Stern mentioned Parker's rumored on-set tensions with Kim Cattrall, Bernhard added, "Ask any of those ladies on that show...nobody gets along, I don't think."

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