15 Reasons Why Sandra Bullock Is F-ing Awesome (GIFS, PHOTOS)

15 Reasons Why Sandra Bullock Is F-ing Awesome

Academy Award winner. "Miss Congeniality." Sandra Bullock has been called many things in her illustrious movie career. Here are 15 more reasons to love this "The Heat" star:

1) She's not afraid to have a little fun.

sandra and melissa fun

2) Maybe a little too much fun.

3) She's one tough cookie.

4) Mere mortals bow before her.

sandra bullock george lopez

5) She's not afraid to get a little dirty.

6) She totally knows how to read guys.

7) She's the very definition of grace.

8) She's well acquainted with Oscar.

sandra bullock oscar

9) And a dedicated award presenter.

10) She knows the value of a good meal.

sandra bullock jay leno food

11) And how to hold her liquor.

12) She has some killer dance moves.

13) Sometimes she likes to go curly.

14) She's one class act.

15) Seriously, don't mess with her. She's armed and fabulous!

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