Sandra Bullock's 'Gravity' Paycheck Will Be At Least $70 Million

It turns out Sandra Bullock's "Gravity" paycheck is seriously out of this world.

The Oscar nominee will earn at least $70 million for Alfonso Cuarón's space epic, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That's because she gets 15 percent of first-dollar grosses, which is a fancy way of describing the portion of the box office revenue that's owed to Warner Bros. That $70 million also includes the initial $20 million Bullock was paid upfront for the role.

Given the length of "Gravity," a $70 million paycheck means Bullock will have earned about $769,000 for each of the movie's 91 minutes.

"Gravity" earnings derive from the studio's revenue negotiations with theater owners and the movie's personnel. Because the movie has made more than $700 million worldwide and a studio's cut of box office cash is typically 40 to 50 percent, Bullock is set to earn more than $50 million from theatrical revenue. The rest comes from home-video purchases and rentals along with other ancillary income. (Cuarón, co-star George Clooney and producer David Heyman reportedly may see hefty paychecks through these cash flows as well.)

Bullock is already one of Hollywood's highest-paid stars, as she was No. 7 on Forbes' list of 2013's top-earning actresses. A payday like this should give her an added boost when the next rankings arrive. Funnily enough, last year's wealthiest actress was Angelina Jolie, who made $33 million but turned down "Gravity" so she could work on directorial projects. Now Bullock can just pay Jolie to decline roles that would otherwise go to her, ensuring that she becomes both the top-earning actress and an Oscar nominee.

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