Sandra Bullock Hosts Business Dinner, Breaks Down In Front Of Family

Sandra Bullock has been hiding out and canceling promotional appearances for 'The Blind Side' since news of her husband's affair broke last week, but x17.com reports that she hosted a business dinner Sunday night outside of LA to talk with film producers about a movie in which she would play Meryl Streep's daughter.

"They laughed and had a great time over grilled chicken, salmon and brown rice," a source at the dinner told x17. "You couldn't even tell she was going through something."

Monday night, the website reports, Sandra dined with family and friends and had a harder time keeping it together.

"Sandy broke down at one point but she came right back," the source said. "She is talking about her next move. So sad and tragic. She is talking a lot about emails the kids are sending to her. It's really emotional here right now."

Another source tells Fox411 that Sandra is seeking comfort in her family and that she has talked to Jesse over the past week.

"[Sandra is] keeping to herself and there are people in her life to help her through this, including her family, especially her father," the source said. "Friends have been calling and checking up on her, but she's doing better every day. She will bounce back."

Meanwhile Sandra and Jesse are both reportedly shopping for divorce lawyers.

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