Sandra Fluke: Some Legislation Targeting Women's Health 'Dangerous' But Affordable Care Act 'Amazing'

Sandra Fluke: Bills Going After Women's Health 'Dangerous' But Affordable Care Act 'Amazing'

While Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke calls some legislation that targets women's health "dangerous," she only has good things to say about President Obama's health care reform bill.

Fluke, whom Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) rejected as a witness before an all-male congressional panel on the contraception-funding mandate, found herself in the media spotlight after radio host Rush Limbaugh called her a "slut" for advocating that employer health plans cover contraception.

Obama called to support Fluke, who has become something of an unofficial spokesperson for young women in the contraception debate.

"The Affordable Care Act is amazing legislation and really groundbreaking, especially for women," she told reporter Laura Bassett during a live video discussion Thursday in HuffPost's D.C. office. "It does so many things for women's health. Of course there's the women's preventive care amendment, which the contraception regulation is a part of, and it includes screening for breast cancer, for cervical cancer, for domestic violence because of course that's an aspect of women's health as well."

Watch the video above and the full interview below.

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