Sandra Fluke Engaged To Adam Mutterperl

Sandra Fluke has gotten engaged to her longtime boyfriend, according to an exclusive report from the Daily Beast. Her fiance is Adam Mutterperl, a writer/producer/director who lives in Los Angeles.

The couple told the Daily Beast that "having dated for over eight years, we're just excited that our friends and family were kind enough to pretend to be surprised at our engagement. We're really looking forward to spending the next eight years planning our wedding."

Fluke made headlines in February when Rush Limbaugh called her a "slut" for advocating for birth control coverage. Fluke and Limbaugh are still trading barbs, most recently over the issue of student loans.

When Bill O’Reilly discovered in March that Fluke and Mutterperl were together, he pointed out that Mutterperl's father is a big time donor to the Democratic party.

“For six days, we have been telling you that the 30-year-old Georgetown law student has become a major player in the presidential election,” he said. “Last night, we reported that she is now being handled pro bono, for free, by the PR firm SKDKnickerbocker, which is good, because Sandra doesn’t have enough money to buy birth control pills, as we know. But there is more to Sandra’s story than just contraception. Right now, she’s on spring break in California with her boyfriend, who is the son of Democratic stalwart William Mutterperl. He has made at least 56 donations to Democratic candidates or organizations. Nothing wrong with that -- I’m just pointing it out.”