Sandra Fluke: There Is A 'Misunderstanding' About What's At Stake With Equal Pay

California state Senate candidate Sandra Fluke (D) stressed the importance of the Paycheck Fairness Act on Tuesday.

In an interview with HuffPost Live, Fluke argued that there is a "misunderstanding" surrounding what's at stake with the bill, adding that we "desperately" need to see it passed.

"Some folks don't understand why additional legislation is needed," Fluke said. "It's needed because we don't have good enforcement yet, and we want to give women the ability to actually know what someone else in the workplace is making and be able to bring suit to fix that problem."

Fluke also called out groups who believe the conflict is made-up, arguing that discrimination is a clear factor in gender pay inequality.

"It's important to understand that those are quote-unquote women's groups with a particular conservative agenda and that's why we're hearing some of that messaging from them," Fluke said. "The studies indisputably show that there is a pay gap."

Watch the full interview above.



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