Sandra Fluke Responds To Rush Limbaugh Student Loans Attack

The war of words between Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Fluke continues.

Fluke responded to Limbaugh's latest attack during an appearance on MSNBC, telling Lawrence O'Donnell that the radio host has become "confused by his own propaganda." She was referring to remarks Limbaugh made Tuesday after she tweeted about interest rates on student loans.

"Sandra Fluke is just a poor, uh, isolated, alone little college student worried about her contraception at Georgetown," he said. "But now she's represented by the flacks in the White House—Hilary Rosen, Anita Dunn—and they're coordinating with Obama, scaring students about the interest rates on their student loans."

He also mocked the law student for "courageously and bravely fighting for contraception at Georgetown and wherever else it can be provided at no charge."

Limbaugh needs to get his facts straight, Fluke told O'Donnell.

"He's called me a college co-ed so many times, he doesn't know I'm a law school student," she said. "This policy is very important for college students, not graduate students. It's for students going into college who are getting new loans, not those of us who have them."