Sandra Oh On Why She's Giving 'Less F**ks' And Feeling More Secure

The "Killing Eve" star says she's found the freedom to be herself as she gets older.

Sandra Oh is not necessarily missing her 20s. 

In an interview with InStyle, the “Killing Eve” star explained that as a 47-year-old, she’s feeling much more secure, professionally, and giving “less fucks.” 

Modeling a “crazy dress with mirrors” for her photo shoot with the outlet, she said she is completely equipped to own whatever she’s doing. 

“You need me to put on a crazy dress with mirrors? Yeah, sure. I’m going to work the shit out of this!” is her reaction now, she said.

“I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s, like, you give less fucks,” she added.

Sandra Oh said "aging is the greatest."
Sandra Oh said "aging is the greatest."

The actress told InStyle that “aging is the greatest” as “it really gives you more space to be that person in the mirrored dress who has always been inside.”

But Oh also agrees her early days in the industry were valuable. She told the outlet that it’s “really such a powerful time when you’re 23, 24 [years old].”

“There is a certain energy and boldness, but I’ve always been driven. This industry can be crushing, but I fucking love it,” she said. “I love it, and I think I would be acting and doing something creative no matter what.”

The actress has certainly been having a year of “less fucks” and a lot of success. Oh not only co-hosted the Golden Globes, but she also took home the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series ― Drama.

And later this month, she’s slated to host “Saturday Night Live,” becoming the third Asian woman in the program’s history to do so. Lucy Liu and Awkwafina have both hosted in the past.  

The second season of “Killing Eve” is set to begin April 7.

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