Sandra Oh's Mom Won The Emmys With Her Traditional Korean Dress

Let's be real. Mrs. Oh had the best look of the night.

As with any awards ceremony, the Emmys were filled with fierce fashion. But one outfit captured the hearts of Asian America like no other.

Sandra Oh’s mother Young-nam Oh wore a hanbok, a traditional Korean dress, to the show, which aired Monday night.

And while the “Killing Eve” star was snubbed didn’t bring home an Emmy, nearly everyone agreed that her mom won the night. Asian-Americans, especially, were touched to see that traditional dress had made it onto the red carpet.

The actress and her mother both matched Sandra’s father, Joon-Soo Oh, because looking stylish obviously runs in the family.

The interwebs weren’t just taken by the family’s impeccable coordination. Many Emmys viewers gushed over how proud the beaming mother seemed of her daughter. When asked how she felt about the show “Killing Eve,” Young-nam simply kissed her daughter on the cheek.

We can probably all agree that the Ohs are #familygoals.