Artist Performs A Kaleidoscopic Transformation On Fruits And Veggies

If vegetables looked like this when we were growing up, we might have actually eaten them.

Yes, these fruits and vegetables really look like this -- well, sort of. Engineer and artist, Sandra Segal, has wowed us with her new take on the delectables. In her latest photographic endeavor, Segal photographed the vegetation with a flatbed scanner and then created kaleidoscopic images. Segal's decision to use the scanned photos of the vegetables in a kaleidoscopic format was "spontaneous," and what a great combination it turned out to be.

Segal, a 44-year-old civil engineer from Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada, picked up photography as a hobby several years ago and particularly likes macro photography. Segal told the Huffington Post, "I'm somewhat of a nerd and I find mathematics and symmetry quite exciting." She added, "Symmetry is really widespread in nature" in various forms such as snowflakes or starfish, and this was the impetus for her "Kaleidoscans" photo series. Check out the amazing natural, albeit unnatural images below!

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