Sandra Vergara: 'My Sister Didn't Help Me Launch My Career

Sandra Vergara: 'My Sister Didn't Help Me Launch My Career

Although she bears the weight of the same last name as her sister, Sofia, on her shoulders, Sandra Vergara is carving out her own path, knowing that to be part of a dynasty has its privileges in the public eye, not necessarily with executives who decide on hiring.

Pacing in her own footsteps, Sandra Vergara debuts August 19th in 'Fright Night,' a horror-thriller with vampires as the stars of the show and Sandra as the sexy Latina alongside Colin Farrell, from whom Sandra was saved from his notorious flirtation by the presence of Farrell's girlfriend, who didn't leave the Irish actor's side for a second during shooting.

In an exclusive interview, we present the baby in the Vergara family, who in reality is a cousin of sisters Sofia, the actress who needs no introduction, and singer Veronica, but because of her biological mother's ailing health was adopted by her aunt and Sofia and Veronica's mother, Margarita, who adopted Sandra when she was just a month old. Here's her story, how she thinks, and the warmth, friendliness and spontaneity that is a hallmark embedded in the genes of the Vergara women.

AOL LATINO: How did you feel being the sexy bombshell in 'Fright Night'?
"I was incredibly happy because I had prepared for another role that had nothing to do with the one I ended up playing. When I arrived in Mexico, where we shot the film, I was surprised to learn that the director had changed the script and that he had written a completely new role especially for me with much more potential, and more scenes. That was owed to the fact they loved my audition and wanted me to show my comedic side in the film."

AOL LATINO: What is your role in the movie?
"It's very funny. [I play] a very feisty woman, very Latina, explosive. She's the girlfriend of a British actor who is the wizard that helps the lead character of the film to figure out how to kill vampires. It's good fun. I'm fascinated by horror movies and I love vampires. And if the vampire's Colin Farrell, all the better, so it's not too bad. He is very handsome (laughs)."

AOL LATINO: What was Colin Farrell like as a co-star?
"I didn't have scenes with him directly, but I did with everyone else. We're in parallel scenes, but not together. Obviously his dressing room was next to mine, but he was very professional, decent, very sweet and friendly."

AOL LATINO: Colin is known for being very flirtatious. Did he invite you out?
"As it turns out, while we were making the movie, he had a girlfriend who was there all the time. But I'm sure that if she hadn't been around, he would've flirted with me. You can tell he's a flirt."

AOL LATINO: Would you have liked to have gone out with Colin Farrell?
"Of course! Who wouldn't? But at the time he was was a bit busy, so no way."

AOL LATINO: You are Sofia's sister. Does the Vergara last name come with a lot pressure, or does it help?
"It helps, not because Sofia helped me. It's not like that. I did everything on my own, but it helps because it's name recognition. She is beloved by the public, and so being related to someone who is so dear is a good thing. It wouldn't be the case if my sister was Lindsay Lohan."

AOL LATINO: Did you seek opportunities on your own, or because Sofia didn't help you?
SANDRA VERGARA: "There's really not much anyone can do to help another person. For me, leveraging is a myth. She did it on her own. I'll do it on my own. That's how it is. As much as Sofia can say to someone, they have to be impressed by you. There's too much competition, too many girls that are much prettier than I am. There are times when one could land a role by pure luck. And sometimes it's the color of your hair or your height doesn't work, and neither do you."

AOL LATINO: Do you, Sofia and Veronica get along?

SANDRA VERGARA: "Veronica is my best friend. Veronica and Sofia are my biological cousins. My mother, who was their mom's sister, couldn't raise me because she has emotional problems, so my aunt adopted me. It's not like in Angelina Jolie's case where her kids don't share her bloodline. I do. We are blood. I call her 'my mom' because I went with them when I was a month old, that's why my relationship with Veronica is so great. She calls me her gift because when I got home, she was 7 and I was like her doll. They gave her a perfect little sister."

AOL LATINO: What's your relationship like with Sofia?

SANDRA VERGARA: "My relationship with Sofia is normal. She's helped me out in a number of other things. She invited me to live with her in Los Angeles, and that's where I started to take off and choose what I wanted to do -- and for that I'm grateful to her for everything."

AOL LATINO: Did your adoption cause a rift between you?

SANDRA VERGARA: "Never. I never felt out of place, thank God. I never felt different or that I didn't belong, because my mom always made me feel like I was one of her daughters. The same goes for my dad, rest in peace. I always felt that way.

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