Woman Has Perfect Response To Husband's Sexist 'Sandwich Maker' Joke


Revenge is a sandwich best served coldly.

When a man stupidly called his wife a “sandwich maker” as she made him his lunch, she responded in spectacular style.

Instead of throwing the ham and cheese sandwich at her spouse or into the trash, she finished up making his lunch ― but left the plastic wrapper on the cheese, within the bread. Her spouse later gained an unpleasant plastic-tasting surprise:

In a further bout of well-deserved trolling, the woman also wrote the message “not sorry” in black marker on the wrapper.

Reddit user Vollkoemmenes shared images of the sandwich online Friday. Called my wife a sandwich maker as she made my lunch for work,” they posted. The photographs are now going viral.

The Huffington Post has reached out for further information on the prank. Redditors, meanwhile, have taken great delight in the wife’s response:

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