Go Around The World In 90 Sandwiches With This Artwork For Sandwich Lovers

The Sandwich Art To End All Sandwich Art

If you've been eating the same turkey sandwich for longer than you can remember, there are two things you should know. First, that says something about your personality. And second, it's time to make lunch interesting again.

There is a whole world of sandwiches out there to be eaten, and the Charted Sandwich Board from the artists behind Pop Chart Lab have proven it. They've designed a graphic -- which you can order in poster form -- that takes us around the world in 90 sandwiches. From Argentina to South Africa to Vietnam, this world of ours makes some glorious sandwiches.

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The 18x24 sandwich poster can be yours for as little as $29, depending on finishing options. Head on over to Pop Chart Lab to see it in all its framed glory.

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