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Bring These Sandwiches To Work, Save Tons Of Money

Lunch just got a whole lot better.

Packing a lunch is a lot harder than it sounds. First you have to remember to buy the groceries. Next, you have to carve out time in the mornings to make it happen. And then, you have to think of something to make that you'll actually want to eat come lunch time. It's a drag, we know. But it's one of those things that is worth the effort. Because packing a lunch to bring to work is good for you -- health-wise and money-wise.

Here's what we suggest: sandwiches. Sure, this isn't a revolutionary idea, but it works. And if you make the right kind of sandwich to bring to work, it's pretty damn satisfying too. Sandwiches get a bad rap because they can be boring, or soggy, and most of the good ones come grilled with melted cheese. But, we found sandwiches that are great cold, and make eating at your desk a whole lot less sad.

Please note, some of these sandwiches require a little extra prep. Like, the grilled chicken sandwich means you have to actually grill chicken. Do it. Make chicken the night before, eat it for dinner, and use the leftovers for the sandwich. It's easy, and it means two meals in one.

Cottage Cheese Sandwich
Foodie Crush
Tip: To prevent sogginess, assemble the sandwich WITHOUT the cottage cheese. Pack it in a separate container, and spread it on at the last minute.Get the Cottage Cheese Sandwich recipe from Foodie Crush
Curried Chicken And Lentil Pita Pockets
Bev Cooks
Roasted Red Pepper, Arugula And Mozzarella Sandwich
Two Peas and their Pod
Alpha Smoot/Food52
Get the Muffaletta recipe from pierino via Food52
Avocado And Marinated Kale Salad Sandwich
Get the Avocado and Marinated Kale Salad Sandwich recipe from fiveandspice via Food52
Cobb Salad Sandwich
Two Peas and their Pod
Get the Cobb Salad Sandwich recipe from Two Peas and their Pod
Sirloin Steak Sandwiches With Horseradish Sauce
Foodie Crush
Chickpea Salad Sandwiches
Get the Chickpea Salad Sandwiches recipe from Macheesmo
Loaded Italian Chicken Sub Sandwiches
Bev Cooks
Tomato Chutney And Brie Sandwich
Avocado Caprese Wrap
Foodie Crush
Get the Avocado Caprese Wrap recipe from Foodie Crush
Green Goddess Chicken Sandwiches
James Ransom/Food52
Get the Green Goddess Chicken Sandwiches recipe from foxesloveslemons via Food52
Deviled Ham With Pickled Jalapeños
Simply Recipes
Get the Deviled Ham with Pickled Jalapeños recipe from Simply Recipes
Smashed Chickpea Greek Salad Sandwich
Two Peas and their Pod
Get the Smashed Chickpea Greek Salad Sandwich recipe from Two Peas and their Pod
Chicken Tikka Sandwiches
Get the Chicken Tikka Sandwiches recipe from Macheesmo
Edamame Avocado Salad Sandwich
Two Peas and their Pod
Get the Edamame Avocado Salad Sandwich recipe from Two Peas and their Pod
Horseradish Roast Beef Wrap
Get the Horseradish Roast Beef Wrap recipe from Macheesmo
Two-Pea Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwich
Mark Weinberg/Food52
Get the Two-Pea Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwich recipe from Kendra Vaculin via Food52
Tuna Nicoise Sandwich
Adventures in Cooking
Get the Tuna Nicoise Sandwich recipe from Adventures in Cooking

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