Sandy, Barack, My Freezer and I

Ten days after Sandy wrecked havoc in New York City, Manhattan is back to normal. Even the president that we have today is the same as the one we had yesterday.

The subway is slow and overcrowded, another storm is pounding us, and Donald Trump... oh well, let's not bring Donald into this.

Sandy was a bitch. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, you'll agree: Sandy was a bitch.
I lost power for five days, and upon my return to my apartment, I pondered what should stay and what should be tossed away. I'll concede that my fridge was smelling funny. But being French, my fridge always smells funny. I looked at the Camembert, I examined the Munster, I sniffed the Époisses cheese. They were all stinky. So I decided to apply the rule of stink.

Therefore be it resolved that if you were stinky before and you are stinky after and provided that the stink is of equal quality, you shall not be discarded.

Very sadly, a couple of white truffles did not pass the mu(n)ster and were reduced to pieces by a well powered in-sink-erator. A jar of mayonnaise from the brand Real Mayonnaise on the contrary seemed consumable. I checked the sell by date: MAY 2309. Well if it's good for another two full centuries... Unless it was past its sell by date by three full years. In any case, the Real Mayonnaise looked superbly unaffected by Sandy.

Sandy was a bitch. And some blame Romney's defeat on her. She allegedly made Obama look more presidential. Although, I can assure you that Obama did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Sandy.