Sandy, A Bowlegged Dog, Gets The Life-Changing Surgery He Needed

Who could turn away this lovable pooch?

Sandy, a severely bowlegged pup nicknamed "the wonky dog" by British press, was abandoned in Greece. After learning about the animal, however, United Kingdom charity Mutts in Distress helped raise the money to drive Sandy to the U.K. for life-changing surgery.

Pat Clark, of Mutts in Distress, said she first found out about Sandy, who also has difficulty seeing, through her contacts at an animal sanctuary in Corfu, Greece.

"I saw a picture of Sandy and knew we had to bring him here," Clark told the BBC. "He was so [bowlegged] and wonky he was almost walking on his chest."

Clark called for donations through the Mutts in Distress website, and animal lovers responded generously, donating hundreds of pounds for the dog's transportation and keep. Sandy arrived in the U.K. in December and successfully underwent surgery last week to repair one of his legs.

Chaim Pilsof, a veterinary surgeon at Companion Care vets in Cambridge, England, offered to perform the surgery free of charge, Yahoo! News reports.

"So far it has gone really well," Pilsof said, according to the outlet. "At the moment he is on cage rest because he needs to rest a lot but he is already trying to do much more than we allow him to."

Plates were inserted in one of the dog's deformed legs, but Sandy will need months of physiotherapy as well as a consult with an eye specialist. Still, Clark said that Sandy has been given a new lease on life.

"A month ago he had no hope of ever walking properly or hope of the gift of sight," Clark said, according to Yahoo. "No-one had heard his name or knew of his existence. "Here he is now, facing a whole new life, happy and safe, thanks to people prepared to give."

CORRECTION: An earlier draft stated that Sandy was flown to Greece. In fact, Sandy was driven from Greece to the U.K. by a volunteer.