Who's That Woman Dressed Like Bowie At The Oscars? Introducing, Sandy Powell.


The David Bowie style tributes sprinkled throughout this awards season culminated in one epic moment at the Oscars on Sunday night, courtesy of someone you might never have heard of.

Costume designer Sandy Powell arrived on the red carpet fully decked out in a green metallic suit and slicked back, bright red hair that undeniably resembled Bowie.

Todd Williamson via Getty Images

Viewers were quick to point out the similarities to the beloved artist on social media, but some pointed out she also resembled someone a bit ... funnier.

Powell, who is nominated for her work on "Carol," has shared quite a few photo tributes to Bowie on her own Instagram page, so the nod, including her signature, fiery red hair, is even that much more fitting.

VALERIE MACON via Getty Images

Work, girl.

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