Sanna Dullaway's Colorized Series Of Historical Photos Creates Controversy

Is It Art Or Is It A Mistake? Colored Photos Cause Controversy

Sanna Dullaway, a Swedish artist who added color to a series of iconic black-and-white photos, is now receiving a lot of unwanted attention for her project. A week ago the artist wrote on Reddit: "I thought I'd show my best colourizations and some restorations that I've been doing for fun. Hope you enjoy!" But now some critics are saying that Dullaway has gone too far.

Some photos are of historical figures like Abraham Lincoln and Che Guevara, and others are of graphic images of bombings, war, and civil unrest.

What do you think? Are these color touch ups of classic photos a mistake or do they add to your appreciation of them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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