Santa Claus Look-A-Like Helps The Big Guy Out By Handing Out $100 Bills

Santa Claus has departed the North Pole a bit early this year.

Several fast food chains in Hyannis, Massachusetts have reported getting special visits recently from an anonymous man -- who many say bears a striking resemblance to St. Nick himself, the Boston Globe reported.

He dropped in at the area's Marylou’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, and McDonald’s, among other eateries, and handed out envelopes bearing the message "Merry Christmas" that were each stuffed with a $100 bill.

“He gave me 19 envelopes with $100 bills in them for all my employees,” Karen Sanguedolce, manager of a Dunkin' Donuts, told ABC. “I was shocked. He was so nice about it, so pleasant. He counted out 19 envelopes and said, ‘I hope you all have a nice holiday.’”

While the stunned employees haven't figured out who this mystery Santa really is, his actions have inspired them to follow his lead.

"I just can't believe it, honestly," Patrick Nee, another Dunkin' Donuts employee, told WHDH. "I hope to be able to do it myself when I'm older and have money myself."

The Santa look-a-like's gesture has left many employees in awe, but this isn't the first year he has left a surprise for fast food workers.

“He’s done this every year around Christmas time, last year it was fifty dollars, this year it was a hundred dollars,” Clorissa DeCosta Hicks, who works at Burger King told CBS Boston. “He gives it to literally every single employee that’s here.”



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