Powerpoint Proves Office Life Can Even Kill Santa's Soul

These days even the North Pole isn't safe from the synergistic effects of brand asset reallocation.

That's right, branding consultant firm Quietroom wants to give Santa Clause a branding makeover, and they've even produced an entire tongue-in-cheek "brand book" for the plump man. In the process, Quietroom has proven that even a man who professionally delivers free presents to children can be turned into a boring corporate shell of his former self.

Quietroom jokingly explained the idea in an email to The Huffington Post:

"Post crash, the biggest organisations — from banks to government departments — have had to look to their assets and re-establish their credibility... Santa is no exception. He’s still the industry standard for child centric gift delivery solutions, but competitors are entering his reputational space. So he came to us, and asked us to help him reassert his sector dominance."

Look at these slides and weep at the state of modern office life: