Creepy New 'Santa Cam' Turns Christmas Into An Orwellian Nightmare

Why would Santa Claus even need a camera anyway?

He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. And if you don’t believe it, kid, just look at that camera up there.

“Santa’s watching you” has taken on a creepy new meaning this year as a number of online retailers began selling “Santa cam” devices. The idea is a high-tech take on the “Elf on the Shelf,” who spies on children and then reports their behavior to Santa ― except it cuts out the middle-elf. With the cameras, Santa can sit at a big console like a mall security guard, watching children all over the world on millions of tiny screens.

One camera set created by Hayley Donaldson of Emmiroo’s Photography and Gifts in England contains a dummy camera and a notice to kids warning them that they are under surveillance by the big man himself.

“This year, I need to keep a very close eye on you all so I’ve installed some cameras that link right up to me at the North Pole,” the accompanying letter reads.

“It’s not something really serious and I think my little boy is going to absolutely love his,” Donaldson told Gazette Live. “He will love that Santa is watching him for real.”

Another “Santa Cam” available for purchase or make as a DIY project looks like a Christmas ornament with a camera in it:

One teacher even took to wearing a Santa Cam ornament, Flavor Flav style:

In one case, a child was filmed attempting to speak to Santa via the “camera” in the ornament:

The various camera designs are getting so popular that there are now nearly two dozen pages of listings for “Santa Cam” on Etsy, and dozens of listings on eBay, Amazon and other places.

You’d better watch out.

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