Santa Claus A Democrat? Sure, Say A Bunch Of Presumably Perplexed Americans

Is Santa Claus A Democrat Or Republican?

Maybe Santa Claus should consider a blue suit this Christmas.

Forty-four percent of American voters think Santa is a Democrat, while just 28 percent think he's a Republican, according to Public Policy Polling. Another 28 percent wisely abstained from judgment.

While most Democrats believed Santa shared their beliefs, 22 percent of Republicans also said he was a Democrat -- perhaps, as The Hill notes, because he's fond of giving gifts.

PPP, a Democratic firm that also recently polled voters about an imaginary budget plan, didn't ask whether a denizen of the North Pole could even register without committing voter fraud.

It did find, however, that more than half of voters are concerned that the fiscal cliff will force Santa to cut back this year, and that President Barack Obama was more likely to be on Santa's naughty list than Mitt Romney -- 49 percent thought the president would receive a lump of coal, compared to 37 percent for the Republican runner-up.

The poll, which surveyed 500 registered voters by automated phone, also found that a 47 percent plurality, including two-thirds of Republicans, believed there was a "war on Christmas." Only one-third of voters could correctly identify the number of days in Hanukkah (there are eight). The poll was conducted between Dec. 5 and Dec. 7, with a 4.4 percent margin of error.

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