'Santa Claus' Volunteer At Texas Event Turns Out To Be Registered Sex Offender

'Santa Claus' Turns Out To Be Sex Offender

Looks like Santa himself made the "naughty" list.

Parents in Cleveland, Texas, were none too pleased to learn a man who played Santa Claus at a city Christmas event is a sex offender.

Emily Collins told KTRK that she and her kids had a great time at the Saturday event, but she was shocked when "a friend of mine recognized the Santa Claus and informed me… that he is a registered sex offender."

There were two volunteer Santas at the event, according to Your Houston News -- one riding in the parade and one posing for photos with children. Cleveland City Manager Dion Miller confirmed with the station that the Santa who posed for photos appears on the Texas Public Sex Offender Registry.

The man, whose name has not been released by police, was charged with a sex crime when he was 12 years old and served time for the offense. Because the crime occurred when he was a juvenile, Click 2 Houston reports, his records are sealed.

He currently has no restrictions that prohibit him from being around children, though he will remain on the state sex offender registry for five more years.

No criminal incidents occurred while the man was working as Santa.

Collins noted that she does not want to "go after" the man who played Santa Claus, she just wants the city to be more thorough in its background-checking.

"I couldn't believe that the city of Cleveland would hire someone with a record like that," she told KTRK.

Miller has stated that the city is taking action to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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