William Mitchell, AKA Santa Claus, Forced To Buy Business License

SCROOGED: Santa Forced To Get Business License

Some Memphis bureaucrats shouldn't be surprised if they get coal in their stocking after the way they treated Santa.

William Mitchell has been portraying Santa Claus at parties and gatherings for about six years, and recently dropped off a flyer at the Shelby County Clerk's Office in hopes they'd hire him to do their Christmas party.

Mitchell's Santa shtick is doing standup comedy at adult Christmas parties, but the Clerk's Office wasn't joking when they sent him a letter threatening prosecution if he didn't pony up $30 for a business license.

Mitchell dug deep into his red pockets to pay the sum, but wasn't happy since that sum represented about 30 percent of what he made last year working as Santa.

Even worse: Officials didn't tell him the license is only required if he earns more than $3,000.

Now Santa wants a present of his own: a refund.

"I want them to get off my back, return my $30 and let me try to keep the wolf away from my door," Mitchell said, according to WLFI-TV, adding that the bureaucrats shouldn't expect much from Santa this season.

"If they're expecting anything other than switches and ashes for Christmas, they are suffering from a delusion."


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