Santa Dunk Fail: Man In Santa Clause Suit Hurts Himself On Trampoline Dunk (VIDEO)

Bouncing off a trampoline, doing a 360 in mid-air and dunking a basketball doesn't seem very easy. Try doing all of that in a Santa Clause outfit, hat and beard included, now that's a different level of difficulty.

The man in the video above learned that the hard way during a break in the Christmas day game between the Bulls and Rockets.

Several performers dressed as Santa put on a show for the Chicago crowd with some high-flying dunks off trampolines. But one man got a little too high above the hoop and ended up hitting his head on the rim. His head jerked back and the fake beard nearly flew off as he fell to the ground.

Perhaps Santa should only fly with the assistance of his reindeer (rather than a trampoline).