7 Santa Letters From Kids That Prove It's The Most Whimsical Time Of The Year

For children, Santa letters are like beautiful blank canvases on which to record every zany, outrageous, delirious thought that pops into their gingerbread- and candy-cane-addled brains as the year winds down.

Here are seven Christmas-themed cute kid note submissions that were well worth reclaiming from the North Pole.

Jack, age 5

lee ann perry

Jaydn, age 8

cristal spencer

Margot, age 6 1/2

don peppers

Raquel, age 7

jessica swartz amezcua

Nicholas, age 6

chris bourassa

Charlotte, age 6

joanna fitzpatrick

And of course, with Santa especially, manners are important...

Isabella, age 6

maria santa note

Translation: "Thank you Santa"

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