Santa Monica Food Truck Lot Day 2: Shut Down By City Officials

We sent our intrepid reporter to check out the much heralded Gourmet Food Truck Lot which opened in Santa Monica yesterday on a former used car lot. To her horror, she arrived to find the lot empty, save a few remnants from yesterdays feast blowing in the wind.

Losanjealous has the scoop:

let it be known that the Santa Monica Food Truck Lot is, at present, closed, the issue being that the lot's zoning language does not explicity state "food truck use". New language will need to be added and approved before the trucks may begin doling out those cute, tasty, cute-and-tasty and occasionally neither-cute-nor-tasty sub-$10 meals to aficionados of the westside gourmet lonchera scene.

Updates to follow...