Santa Reunites Soldier Dad With Daughters

Trent Baskerville is home in time for Christmas.

Christmas came early for two little girls when Santa Claus surprised them with their dad, a soldier who's been deployed in Afghanistan for nine months.

In a heartwarming video posted online by on Wednesday, the youngsters visited the Governors Square Mall in Clarksville, Tennessee, and asked Kris Kringle for their father Trent Baskerville to come home.

Santa told the girls to close their eyes, moved behind a stack of presents and granted their wish by bringing out their dad.

When the sisters opened their eyes, the eldest girl Jordan ran straight into her father's arms.

Baskerville, who is in the Army and based out Fort Campbell, said in footage filmed before the surprise that it was his wife Chrisha's idea to reunite the family in such an emotional way.

"She came up with this whole plan of me surprising my girls and there couldn't be a better feeling," he said.

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