Man Dressed As Santa Claus Robs Melbourne Post Office

While Santa Claus is busy making toys for his annual Christmas run, a man in Melbourne, Australia, has robbed a post office dressed as jolly old St. Nick.

At first ,when the Kris Kringle-clad thief entered the post office on Saturday, people thought he was going to hand out treats, according to the BBC.

Instead, as surveillance video shows, the Santa suspect stuffed an unreleased amount of cash into a sack before fleeing. He got away not in a sleigh powered by reindeer, but in a cream-colored Jeep with stolen license plates, reports.

santa robs post office

The Santa Claus robber is definitely on the naughty list of local police.

The suspect is described as approximately 6 feet tall, but other distinguishing marks were hidden by the shaggy white beard, sunglasses and red suit, 9News reports.

This isn't the first time someone has tried to besmirch Santa's good name by robbing a business dressed in his trademark outfit.

Last year, a robber disguised in festive attire held up a Florida bank by threatening to harm the teller with a gift-wrapped package.



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