Santa Claus Says The C-Word Uncensored On 'South Park'

It's reportedly the first unbleeped usage of the vulgarity on the long-running cartoon.

Santa Claus just made cable television’s naughty list.

St. Nick said the C-word on Wednesday’s “South Park” ― the first unbleeped mention of the vulgarity in the Comedy Central cartoon’s 22 seasons, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The episode features Santa stopping by South Park to deliver toys in the wake of an Amazon strike. He says he’s glad to help because his pal Mr. Hankey lives there. But when Santa is told that Mr. Hankey had been run out of town for “inappropriate” tweets, Santa storms off on his sleigh.

“Have fun sucking Jeff Bezos’s dick, you bunch of cunts,” Santa says as he exits.

In a 2003 episode, Jimmy appeared to say the C-word but stuttered in trying to say “continuing.”

The irreverent show hasn’t been shy about other forms of profanity in the past, but people on Twitter nonetheless seemed surprised at the latest crudity.

Nope, that barrier has been crossed before. In 2017, the first episode of “Feud” said the word, The Hollywood Reporter noted.