Santana Clarifies Those Comments About Beyoncé Not Being A 'Singer, Singer'

The musician said he has "the utmost respect for" the star.

On Tuesday night, Carlos Santana clarified his recent comments about Beyoncé’s Album of the Year loss at this year’s Grammy Awards

“My intent was to congratulate Adele on her amazing night at the Grammies [sic],” Santana wrote on Facebook, adding, “My comment about Beyoncé was regretfully taken out of context.” 

The Mexican-American musician also stated that he has “the utmost respect for” Beyoncé and that “she deserves all the accolades that come her way.” 

Santana’s initial comments, which he gave to the Australian Associated Press, seemed to imply that the “Formation” singer wasn’t in the same league as Adele.

“With all respect to our sister Beyoncé, Beyoncé is very beautiful to look at and it’s more like modeling kind of music ― music to model a dress ― she’s not a singer, singer, with all respect to her,” Santana said.

He added, “Adele can sing, sing. She doesn’t bring all the dancers and props, she can just stand there and she just stood there and sang the song and that’s it, and this is why she wins.”

On Sunday, Beyoncé took home the Best Urban Contemporary Album award for “Lemonade,” while Adele took home the night’s top prize ― Album of the Year ― for “25.”

Members of the Beyhive, including Adele, weren’t impressed with the result, which led many to voice their frustrations on social media.