The 'Biggest Beachfront Pool In Europe' Is So Beautiful It Hurts

Add this baby to your bucket list. 💦

If you’re on the most notorious party island in Greece and won’t be sleeping much, then you deserve to spend your waking hours in what is reportedly Europe’s biggest beachfront pool.

That seems to be the theory behind SantAnna, a new beach club on Mykonos. The recently-opened spot has all the amenities of a posh hotel ― spa, gym, sushi bar ― but without those pesky bedrooms. SantAnna’s non-stop action revolves around its massive saltwater pool, which holds 222,000 gallons of turquoise bliss.

Seriously, this place looks like a dream and a half.

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SantAnna opened earlier this month. Guests reviews note the pool is indeed huge and say service is great, even if construction isn’t fully finished yet.

Entrance is free, but you’ll need to reserve a lounge chair or cabana if you want to pop a squat (those rentals start at $23). With ample bars, food and boutiques on the property, you’ll likely make some additional purchases during your visit.

Thank goodness the ocean is steps away, and free.

Sea you there!

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