Santa's Beard Gets Stuck On Rope During Florida Mall Appearance

Santa FAIL: St. Nick Gets Stuck On Rope

Santa's stuck on a rope, and he can't get down.

What was meant to be St. Nick's grand entrance into a mall in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., fell short as the man's beard got stuck on the rope from which he was rappelling.

As if Santa's rather embarrassing ordeal wasn't funny enough, the awkward commentary from the two announcers below definitely takes the cake. (Santa just lost his beard, folks; it's all downhill from here.)

"I think if you guys sing nice and loud, you can help Santa come down," one woman says to the crowd of children, who are presumably watching in horror.

"Magic can happen! Magic can happen if you guys sing!"

The ordeal still isn't over when the camera shuts off, but we can only hope Santa got down safely, and those children got a good explanation.

File this one under "Santa FAIL."

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