Marks & Spencer's New Christmas Pastry Has An Absolutely Filthy Name

Who wants a bite of this?

Marks & Spencer just unveiled a new cronut-style pastry for the Christmas season, but it’s not the “delicious flaky layers” that’s winning attention on social media.

It’s the name: Santa’s Yumnut.

The British retailer’s tweet introducing the pastry also sounded a little... um... well... just check it out:

Marks & Spencer has a history with this sort of stuff; they offered a “love sausage” for Valentine’s Day and an Easter Bunny doing yoga that some thought looked a little suggestive. Then there was the ad saying they “put the D in bread” (as in vitamin D, what were YOU thinking???).

In this case, “Yumnuts” has been the company’s name for its cronut-like pastry for some time. Last month, they even introduced the “Yummy mummy Yumnuts” for Halloween.

The offer to take a bite of Santa’s Yumnut, however, was just too much for Twitter users to take:

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