Santigold Features Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, And Lindsay Lohan In 'Big Mouth' Video

She growls, she dives underwater, she stomps through the desert. But somehow, Santigold's music video for her track "Big Mouth" works.

In addition to frantically bearing all the teeth in her "big mouth," the singer uses animation to critique pop culture, showing Lady Gaga swimming through the ocean as a mermaid, Katy Perry with her signature blue hair, and a not-so-flattering portrayal of Lindsay Lohan's boobs.

Since bursting on the scene as Santogold in 2008, the singer-songwriter has swapped the first "o" in her name for an "i" and has toured with M.I.A. and Bjork. Her album Master Of My Make-Believe, out this spring, features collaborations with "TV On The Radio's" David Sitek and the "Yeah Yeah Yeahs'" Nick Zinner.

This should push her out of the indie world and right in the cross hairs of the world's biggest pop stars.