How Taylor Swift And A Goat Helped Saoirse Ronan Improve Her Performance In 'Brooklyn'

A farm animal that went viral was decidedly not "Trouble" in this case.

If you go to see the new film "Brooklyn," which is in theaters now, you're guaranteed to find a few things: beautiful cinematography, a moving story about an Irish immigrant's new life in America and a stunning performance by star Saoirse Ronan. At least one small part of that stunning performance came with an unlikely inspiration -- Taylor Swift and a goat.

When Ronan dropped by HuffPost Live on Wednesday to chat about the movie, the actress described a scene in which she's required to laugh hysterically, which proved challenging on the day of shooting. "I find it's a much harder thing to laugh on cue than it is to cry on cue," Ronan said.

The solution? This video, which adds the maniacal yell of a goat to the sounds of Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble." As it turns out, "Brooklyn" co-star Domhnall Gleeson is quite a talented mimic of said goat, and that skill came in handy in a big way on set. 

Watch Saoirse Ronan tell the story in the video above, and click here for her full HuffPost Live conversation.

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