Sara Saco-Vertiz PICTURES: Photos Escalate Foul Ball Couple's Feud

'Foul Ball Couple' Feuds With Racy Photos Of Female Fan

Last week, the "foul ball couple" of Bo Wyble and Sara Saco-Vertiz revealed that are no longer together. Now, a set of racy pictures is escalating the tension.

Following their split, Wyble threatened to post nude pictures of Saco-Vertiz online, but his ex apparently beat him to it. The blonde baseball victim has allegedly sent scandalous photos to

Saco-Vertiz previously said on "The Early Show" that the pair didn't break up because Wyble let a foul ball hit her at a Houston Astros game.

(UPDATE: The site with Saco-Vertiz's pictures is currently down, but the photos can also be found here.)

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