TikTok Comedian Sarah Cooper Spills Secrets On Lip-Synching Trump In Jimmy Fallon Interview

"He's just kind of BSing his way through the presidency," Cooper said.

TikTok comedian Sarah Cooper, who’s become known for her lip-synching impersonations of President Donald Trump, spilled her secrets and inspirations during an interview with Jimmy Fallon Friday.

Cooper revealed that her desire to impersonate Trump came from seeing the president’s daily coronavirus task force meetings.

“He’s just kind of BSing his way through the presidency, as he usually does,” Cooper said of Trump’s briefings, “but it’s just in your face every day. ... It reminded me of being in the corporate world. I’d be in a meeting, and a business guy would come in, and he would throw around some buzzword he just learned five minutes ago, and he would just talk, and people would be, like, ‘Oh, wow, he’s so smart. Yeah, what a key team player.’ ... And to be honest, I’ve always wanted to be one of those guys.”

After experimenting with TikTok dance routines, Cooper decided to channel her frustration with Trump into lip-synching videos, uploaded both to her Twitter account, @sarahcpr and her TikTok page, @whatchugotforme.

“It’s really just me and my very patient dog and my very patient husband having to listen to Donald Trump’s voice over and over again as I try to remember these things,” Cooper said when asked by Fallon about her routine for producing the videos. “My husband has only jumped out the window once so far.”

Following the interview, Fallon shared one of Cooper’s skits to his Twitter timeline — showing the comedian miming Trump’s recent campaign rally remarks on flushing toilets.

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