Comedy Gem Sarah Cooper Conquers Trump In Hilarious TikTok Videos

She "pulls me off the ledge every time," hailed a fan.

Getting President Donald Trump just right in a comedy sketch poses a stiff competitive challenge. But Sarah Cooper is leading the race, if her followers are any judge.

Cooper — a Brooklyn writer and comedian who’s proud to be “blocked by Trump” — lip syncs Trump’s voice in her sterling series of TikTok videos mocking the president. She creatively exposes the tortured soul she imagines the president has.

One of her best recent offerings is “How to Bunker,” in which she acts out Trump’s insistence that he wasn’t rushed to his underground bunker last week to protect him from Washington, D.C., protesters, but to inspect it.

She shows a shower-curtain-caressing, paranoid, grimacing, contorting “Trump” (her) losing his mind. Check it out here:

Cooper’s fans hail her as a sanity-saver in these dark times:

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