Sarah Doesn't Speak for Me

Sarah Palin has been busy since she abruptly left the governors office in Alaska. She's endorsed 49 candidates this year. She's given speeches and produced a video predicting a rising tide of women voters supporting the radical, right-wing candidates she's campaigning for. For too long, Sarah Palin has been unchecked in her claim that she speaks for America's women as she attempts to impose a radical, backward thinking, anti-choice agenda in this country.

I know Sarah Palin doesn't speak for me -- or for millions of women and men across this country.

I'm a westerner myself -- I'm from Butte, Montana -- and I've watched with concern as Sarah Palin tries to co-opt the independent frontier spirit and patriotism of my part of the country, and turn it into a sort of national movement for backwards-looking, extremist politics. The strong western women who raised me and who are my role models would be horrified by the radical views of Sarah Palin and her candidates.

So today, EMILY's List announces an arena for men and women to let their voices be heard and to reject Palin's reactionary candidates who would rather turn the clock back than advance the interests of women and families. We're asking Democrats, Independents, and moderate Republicans who have no home to join us in our new campaign, Sarah Doesn't Speak for Me.

Sarah Doesn't Speak for Me will feature a new multi-media interactive website, a page for users to share personal stories, connect with friends, and to learn the truth about Palin's endorsed candidates.

This campaign is an opportunity for women and men throughout the country to come together and show that Sarah Palin doesn't speak for them -- and to fight for leaders and policies that are good for them and their families, the way EMILY's List has for 25 years by recruiting, supporting and electing Democratic women across our country. For 25 years, too, we've turned out women voters, especially when there's so much at stake - which is why we're asking folks to visit the Sarah Doesn't Speak for Me campaign website and pledge to vote in November.

Together we can counter the voices that are rising up on the right, trying to turn our country back and impose regressive policies. With our voices we can expand our community and turn out support for progressive candidates who want continue to move us forward, and together we can say Sarah Doesn't Speak for Me.