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Sarah Ferguson: 'Bad Fergie Sells Papers' (VIDEO)

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, stopped by "Good Morning America" on Tuesday ahead of the premiere of her new show "Finding Sarah" on Oprah's OWN Network.

She shared a clip from one of the episodes in which she recounts her trip to Australia to find Andrew after Beatrice was born. Wiping tears from her eyes, she explains, "That's when the press turned on me. That's when they said I was a bad mother. Bad Fergie sells papers. It's never stopped since then."

She told Robin Roberts, "I've been so lucky to go from a total disaster last May and then for Oprah to open up her hands, and then Dr. Phil, to actually go and spend some time with Dr. Phil has been just extraordinary, I see him like a big gentle giant, but you have to be careful because any minute now he's going to say, 'No, Sarah, what are you doing?'"

She has also worked with finance guru Suze Orman and is now debt-free. Fergie explained, "We're going forward now, we're positive, we're creative, we're going to start again and Suze has given me the tools so this time, when I start again, it won't slip through my hands. And it was really slipping through my hands due to self-worth issues, rather than me spending money, it was me playing to the people, please your addiction. In other words, you need help, what can I do? Rather than actually taking steps and looking at why do I try to get everyone to love me by being over-generous."

She once again set the record straight on selling access to Prince Andrew (spoiler: she didn't), noting, "When I was sitting there, I look back at it now and I go, 'Sarah, what were you thinking?' The answer was, I wasn't thinking. I just wasn't thinking. I was just in a self-sabotage twirl of nonsense that had been building up after so many years and when I look at it now, I think, 'You just didn't think, you didn't logically listen to your heart, you didn't understand anything."