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Raw Turkey Cake By Sarah Hardy Had Us Fooled (PHOTOS)

That's no raw turkey -- that's dessert!

Despite its outwardly grotesque appearance, the innards of this creation aren't full of stuffing, but orange and rum spice cake. In addition, the turkey cake (named "Mr. Mathews") has an outer "skin" made of marzipan and butter cream.

According to its creator, Sarah Hardy (of Sarah Hardy Cakes in London), the incredibly realistic raw turkey cake only took one day to make.

"If I had had 3 days," she writes on her Facebook page, "then I'd have been able to make the giblets too!"


As for inspiration, "'I just made it as a one-off to freak out my family," she told the Daily Mail. "The most unappealing thing I could think of to give them was raw meat."

Hardy said her career originally started in sculpting and art; then she had kids.

"You can't keep running off to work when you've decided to stay at home and be mum. So here I am!," Hardy told the Digital Journal about her decision to start baking.

Since her modest beginnings, Hardy has made quite a splash in the grotesque cake world. She's collaborated with cake curator Miss Cakehead in several showings, including the "Eat Your Heart Out" cake collective.

So what's next?

"I'm thinking on a severed head cake soon," she told The Huffington Post in an email. "But we will see when it happens."

The baker also said she'd like to start an online shop that produces more masculine treats, "as there is so much girly stuff out there." On the potential menu: Chocolate slugs, snails and edible dirt.

PHOTOS of the raw turkey cake [via Facebook]:

Sarah Hardy's Raw Turkey Cake

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